Ancra Cargo 2020

Ancra Cargo has been providing innovative cargo securement and handling solutions to the industry for the past 50 years. This is what innovation sounds like. Always moving forward.

10285 Quick Release Driver Assist Strap

If cargo has shifted against the swing doors during transit, they may swing open suddenly when the lock bar is released, dumping cargo out of the trailer. With Ancra’s NEW Releasable Trailer Door Limit Strap, drivers can safely recover from shifted freight by pulling the 10-foot paracord.

Engineered Products

Ancra Cargo’s Engineered Products can increase your trailer’s cargo carrying capacity, reduce freight damage, and provide superior cargo handling. This includes our Lift-A-Deck II, Logist-A-Panel, Vers-A-Deck, AutoDeck, Pallet Deck, FasTrack, CellTech Trailer Wall System, and Roller Floor Systems.

AutoDeck | Retract-A-Roll 4

Experience superior cargo securement and handling using the reliable strength and durability of Ancra’s AutoDeck and Retract-A-Roll 4 Systems. While the AutoDeck provides 20% faster loading capabilities, the Retract-A-Roll 4 offers easier pallet placement and handling.

Flatbed Ladder

Ancra’s FasTrack System converts any existing logistic posts in your trailer into the Lift-A-Deck II captive beam decking system. It’s the non-permanent solution to help you experience the smoothness and reliability of our Lift-A-Deck II System.

FasTrack Video

Ancra’s FasTrack System converts any existing logistic posts in your trailer into the Lift-A-Deck II captive beam decking system. It’s the non-permanent solution to help you experience the smoothness and reliability of our Lift-A-Deck II System.

Retract-A-Roll 4

Ancra’s Retract-A-Roll 4 System uses your trailer’s existing air supply to help operators easily maneuver palletized cargo throughout the length of the trailer. When they’re no longer needed, the dual skate wheels retract into the floor, allowing you to store cargo normally.

AutoDeck - Loaded With Power

The AutoDeck is an advanced system that improves freight loading efficiency, reduces damage freight claims and maintenance costs, and improves driver and forklift operator's safety and satisfaction.

Consumer Products

Take a load off your back and put it in Ancra’s capable hands with any of our cargo securement products. We offer a vast selection of industrial-strength retail packaged goods like tie-downs, lifting solutions, safety equipment, and more to provide you with the very best solutions to some of the most common cargo challenges in the industry.

Vers-A-Deck Maintenance & Operation

Vers-A-Deck is the next generation of Integrated Beam Systems. With the flexibility to use both Vers-A-Deck Beams or industry standard E Beams in the same track, you can customize your deck heights to accommodate loads of different sizes and insert added E beams where needed.

Corner Protector Placement Tool 2018

Ancra Cargo’s Corner Protector Placement Tool is engineered to provide operators with an easy and more efficient method of securing corner protectors in place. Simply slide the protector onto the top of the tool and fit it along the edge of the cargo. No more climbing needed.

Ancra Cargo's New Knock Down Pallet Deck

Ancra Cargo’s Knock Down Pallet Deck is stackable, collapsible, and durable. Incredibly easy to set up, it immediately increases your trailer’s carry capacity and eliminates the need to double stack cargo on top of each other.

Composite Cargo Security Bulkhead

Learn how it just takes only 5 easy-to-follow steps to set up Ancra Cargo’s Composite Cargo Security Bulkhead. Once in place, it provides you with an extra layer of cargo protection and security.


Learn all about the different innovative and durable load securement and handling solutions that Ancra Cargo offers to the cargo control industry. From high-strength winches to advanced decking systems to durable roller floor systems, Ancra Cargo has it all.

Retract-A-Roll 2 NEW

Ancra Cargo’s Retract-A-Roll 2 System is a state-of-the-art pneumatic roller track system that makes handling and maneuvering your palletized or air cargo so much easier. This system brings the ease and strength of aircraft technology directly to your trailers.

Inland Video

Ancra Cargo’s Vers-A-Deck is the efficiently reliable and versatile addition to our next generation of captive beam decking systems. It can be used in combination with either Vers-A-Deck Beams or E Beams to keep cargo stacked and secured throughout the trip.

Ancra's Logist-A-Panel

Ancra’s versatile Logist-A-Panel creates a combination captive beam decking and shoring wall system replacing the standard plywood or liner panel from a sheet and post trailer. As a combination of our Lift-A-Deck II beam system and slotted panels, you get highly customizable shoring and strapping options to suit a wide variety of cargo securement applications!

Ancra Beam Rack

No more beams left on the floor! Designed to allow you to store logistic beams right in your trailer, this patented beam holder fits easily into your existing logistics posts to provide a secure method of raising your beams up and out of the way whenever they’re not in use. The unique design allows for up to 6 beams to be locked horizontally into place, keeping them stored properly and improving safety conditions in and around your trailer.

Ancra Safety Products

Ancra safety products carry the assurance of dependability Ancra is known for, offering the best in wearables, lights, reflectors, banners, and flags. Keep yourself, your vehicle, your cargo, and others safe on the road by utilizing our extensive line of heavy-duty safety products. With our high-quality lights, reflective banners, vests, signs, and more, you can feel confident and safe on the job every time.


Designed to be lightweight and easy to use, Ancra’s Toss N’ Tie allows you to safely bring heavier tie-downs over the top of the load. Heavy tie-downs can cause damage to your cargo and even your shoulder, but the Toss N’ Tie offers convenience, safety, and simplicity. To use the Toss ‘N Tie Strap, simply secure the strap to your desired tie-down, then toss the Toss ‘N Tie up and over your cargo. On the other side of the trailer, pull the Toss ‘N Tie until your tie-down comes within reach, then secure your tie-down.

Cargo Control 101 Training Video

We’ve developed this cargo control training video to give you the best working knowledge on safely using Ancra products and systems. Load securement is the prevention of loads from shifting in transit, which can result in damage to the cargo, the transit vehicle, and the general public. Get up to speed on Ancra products and be safer and more efficient on the job!

Chain Tensioner Video

Ancra is proud to present our state-of-the-art chain tensioner for military cargo applications. Whether on land, sea, or in the air, the chain tensioner can be used to keep cargo firmly secure thanks to a new double-locking feature for added strength and protection. The 180° swivel hook design also allows the user to inventory only one tensioner for all chain tensioning applications.

ANCRA_Lift-A-DeckII_Double/Single Track Training Video

The Lift-A-Deck II is Ancra’s most popular patented solution for decking loads in trailer and van bodies. With Ancra’s patented adjustable second deck in your trailer, you can carry double the amount of palletized freight, or you can mix loads with only part of the vehicle double decked. In this training video, we discuss using Lift-A-Deck components, system safety, the proper loading method, and system maintenance so you get the most out of your new LAD system for years to come.

Lift-A-Deck II Single Track Installation Training Video

With Ancra’s Lift-A-Deck II, you can increase your payload capacity and your profits. There will be no more beams left on the loading dock. With many track styles to choose from, installations can be made on any type of vehicle construction, including sheet and post. In this training video, we discuss using Lift-A-Deck components, system safety, the proper loading method, and system maintenance so you get the most out of your new LAD system for years to come.

EZ Binder

Ancra’s EZ Binder makes loading and unloading cargo using transport chain faster and easier thanks to its efficient ratcheting system, free wheel function, and extra-long molded grip for leverage. Built for high-strength and smooth, reliable performance, the EZ Binder can make the job that much easier.

Core Products

Ancra is focused to provide you with the very best in cargo restraint and handling products, including winch straps, winches, heavy-duty tie-downs, transport chains, load binders, cargo bars, decking beams, and more. All our products are designed and developed to remain safe, strong, and reliable for years to come so you can be confident on the job no matter the task.

LAD Sales

Designed to allow the user to effectively double their amount of palletized freight in a single trailer, Ancra’s popular Lift-A-Deck II remains our most popular patented solution for decking loads in trailer and van bodies. Featuring heavy-duty, adjustable beams, you can quickly and easily customize proper decking for a variety of cargo.


Ancra's standard painted non-slip Ergo 360° bar allows the user to rotate the bar a full 360° to gain optimum leverage along with a non-slip grip for control. With a patented ergonomic design, the parallel alignment of the handle and tip is maintained, while a flanged mushroom tip keeps the bar firmly secured in the winch cap. With the Ergo 360° bar, you have better control, leverage, and handling for more efficiency and ease on the job.


In life-critical situations, equipment dependability is non-negotiable. Ancra Cargo designs and engineers a comprehensive family of standard and customized products and systems for cargo restraint and material handling applications for the U.S. military and its allies. Trust Ancra to deliver the very best in cargo handling and restraint equipment, including chains, tensioners, straps, buckles, hardware, and more to ensure the highest level of safety for military cargo application.

Engineered Solutions

Ancra’s advanced engineering capabilities raise product performance to the highest level. We offer intelligent solutions that are designed to meet your individual requirements for decking, shoring, and logistic challenges. No matter the challenge, Ancra can work with you to come up with a tailored solution that improves your efficiency and profits.