Vers-A-Deck – The Next Generation Captive Decking System

By Jennifer McVey | May 2, 2017

Ancra International is excited to introduce the next generation in captive decking systems, Vers-A-Deck. This system provides all the benefits of traditional captive decking systems along with new and improved versatility. The new Vers-A-Deck system has many benefits. The low profile Vers-A-Deck Beam has a working load limit rating (WLL) of 3000 lb. This allows a cargo weight rating of 750 lb. per beam so a decking position with 4 beams can support 3000 lb. of cargo weight. When not in use, the low profile beams are conveniently stored near the ceiling and provide added forklift clearance. The Vers-A-Deck Beams also help you save time and money as they are easy to maintain and repair, dramatically reducing downtime. In addition, the high strength design of the beams help prevent them from jamming in the track if accidentally hit by a forklift.

Filling truck bodies and trailers to the maximum can be extremely difficult. You have to worry about fill rates, resource utilization, damage claims and load securement. Our Vers-A-Deck system helps solve these problems. With the flexibility to use both Vers-A-Deck Beams or E Beams in the same track, you can customize your deck heights to accommodate loads of different sizes and insert added E beams where needed. This will increase your load average and reduce damage claims by avoiding double stacking of freight.

For increased efficiency, use the Vers-a-Deck system with Ancra’s Poly Deckboard instead of plywood. Not only is it 50% lighter than typical plywood which provides better ergonomics for dock workers and allows for better load optimization, our Poly Deckboards are splinter proof, withstand forklift abuse and reduce the labor needed to clean out docks and trailers. The Poly Deckboard is also resistant to moisture and adverse weather conditions. With its excellent durability it reduces your cost by its extended service life, reducing purchase frequency.

Properly loading your trailer by using our Vers-A-Deck system and Poly Deckboard will increase your overall efficiency thus improving your profitability.

For additional load securement don’t forget our Logistics Strap Assemblies with Series E Track spring fittings. They will work with any Vers-A-Deck track and provide additional restraint for even the roughest of roads.

Ancra International has established itself as a world leader in the area of cargo handling and restraint systems by manufacturing products that not only continue to meet the changing needs of our customers but keep up with their high standards for quality, safety and efficiency.

For inquiries concerning Ancra’s Vers-A-Deck system, Poly Deckboards or Logistics Strap Assemblies contact our customer service department at 800.233.5138.