Ancra’s New Patented Gear Drive Tensioner

By Jennifer McVey | February 26, 2018

Ancra International, a global leader in the design and manufacturing of cargo handling and restraint systems for a variety of industries, is proud to introduce its New Gear Drive Tensioner Straps for securing bottled gases and other specialized cargo.

With Ancra’s Patented Gear Drive Tensioner, 300 pounds of strap tension can be generated with only 27lbs of force applied to the handle. Compare this to a standard ratchet that requires 90lbs of handle force to create the same 300lbs of strap tension; an ergonomic savings of 70%!

The gear drive also provides better control when tensioning the strap over a standard ratchet buckle with its ability to be locked in place every 13 degrees of spool rotation as compared to every 33 degrees for a ratchet buckle. The self-locking worm gear design prevents the reversal of drive during tensioning and the folding handle locks the gear system and strap tension when folded over, with a magnetic detent to hold it closed. Another great feature is the gradual tension release that is achieved by simply turning the handle counterclockwise as compared to the sudden tension release function of the standard ratchet buckle. Gradual tensioning and tension release means better control, and makes the new Gear Drive Tensioner Straps the best choice for securing bottled gases for distribution along with many other specialized cargo types.

Ancra Gear Drive Tensioner Straps feature a 4-inch protective pad to shield the cargo once in place. The gear housing itself is made from a durable high-impact polycarbonate blend that is designed to withstand working temperatures from -40 F to + 180 F. A grease fitting is also provided for ease of service.

These 2-inch wide strap assemblies are rated with a 3,333 pound Working Load Limit and available in a 12 ft. overall length with your choice of flat hooks or snap hooks end hardware as standard. Custom lengths and end hardware options are available upon request.

Contact our customer service department for more information about Ancra’s new 10939 Gear Drive Tensioner Straps at 800.233.5138 or visit our website