Ancra’s New Line of Safety Products Available!

By Jennifer McVey | May 2, 2017

In a continued effort to keep people safe and their assets secure, Ancra International, your trusted partner for cargo handling and restraint systems, is pleased to launch our new line of safety products. Our new wearables, flags, banners and reflectors complement our existing safety products to offer your customers more flexibility while guarding them against hazards.

While on the job, the visibility of workers is key to their safety. Our new safety vests are manufactured with highly visible lime green or orange mesh with contrasting retro-reflective strips on the front and back. So whether they’re working during the day or finishing a project into the night, your customers can eliminate concerns that they are no longer visible. Additionally, our vests feature a convenient Velcro closure at the front and elastic side straps which makes it easy to take on and off. Comfort, fit and reliability will keep your customers safe and productive no matter what the job.

Visible hands are safe hands. Our new reflective work gloves combine a high level of visibility through retro-reflective strips with the luxury and breathability to distract from discomfort.

Using wide load signs, safety flags and wide load banners are a requirement for any commercial motor vehicle handling an oversized or wide load. Easily secure our warning flags with our new magnetic flag holder. Our magnetic flag holder has a center screw and wing nut for easy and secure flag attachment. To ensure the magnetic base bonds easily, conveniently and quickly for your customer’s applications, we manufacture every magnetic flag holder with a 2.3-inch magnet diameter that’s rated at an 80lb pull-force. Our magnetic flag holders will securely fix a safety flag without risking damage and easily remove to give your customers the freedom to move it from job to job. In addition, our new reversible vinyl banners offer sewn-in bungee cords to easily attach so no need for additional ropes or cords which save your customer’s time so they can quickly get on the road.

Coming in handy during emergency situations when darkness is one of the first challenges your customers need to overcome is our new help light kit, led flashlight and triangle warning kit. Our help light kit features 3 puck style lights each with a visibility of 360-degrees for up to 1 mile, are rain proof, have a magnet and folding hook on the back and a battery life for up to 9 hours. Our Led flashlight runs for 2 hours with a light range of 200m and output at 400 lumens. Both our help light kit and led flashlight comes with the batteries included so your customers don’t have to be left in the dark when an emergency arises. Stored in a durable red plastic case, our triangle warning kit contains 3 DOT certified collapsible reflective triangles used in compliance with FMCSA standards and certified by AMECA.

All of our safety products are packaged with you and your customers in mind. Each product is packaged for individual sale and most products can be easily and directly transferred from the shipping box to a retail display.

"We are thrilled to be launching our new safety products as safety is our number 1 priority at Ancra," said Larry Bethel, President. "We’re laser focused on identifying and reducing risk by continually improving our safety line of products which will bring great value to your customers."

Ancra’s highly respected reputation has been built through exceptional service for over 40 years and as a world leader in the area of cargo handling and restraint systems, we are always looking for innovative ways to keep your customers and their loads safe and secure.

Please contact our customer service department at 800.233.5138 for more information on our new or existing safety products. All of these products are available to order now.