Ancra’s Driver Assist Straps

By Jennifer McVey | July 12, 2017

With a continued focus on driver safety for the transportation industry, Ancra’s new Driver Assist Straps are manufactured to help avoid injuries and mishaps while drivers and dock workers climb into and out of trailers. Our Driver assist straps connect to existing E or A track and provides a convenient handhold to make entry and exit easier and safer.

Made from high strength components with an ergonomic design, Ancra’s Driver Assist Strap has a reinforced handle to provide extra comfort which helps avoid strain and accidents.

For additional stability while exiting or entering, order our Driver Assist Strap Dual Loop. The Dual Loop straps are assembled with an added shorter loop providing a second handgrip for a person entering or exiting a trailer.

We recommend combining either of our Driver Assist Straps with our Trailer Access Steps to provide your driver three points of contact which significantly reduces the chance of serious injury from a slip or fall. Our Trailer Access Steps are designed to be permanently mounted under a trailer door with a latch to hold the step securely in position providing a strong, safe and secure way to stow until needed.

To keep your driver’s safe while exiting and entering their vehicle, call Ancra’s customer service at 800.233.5138 to order our new Driver Assist Straps and Trailer Access Steps.

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