Ancra’s Add to the Line of Safety Products; Toss ‘N Tie

By Jennifer McVey | June 19, 2017

Ancra is excited to introduce our new patented Toss ‘N Tie which provides a safe and easy way to assist drivers during load securement. Before they even hit the road, drivers face the risk of injury from the physical toll of securing their load. Throwing a strap or chain over a load is hazardous to the operator, someone unaware on the other side of the vehicle, the product being hauled, as well as potentially damaging components on the trailer. With Ancra’s new patented Toss ‘N Tie, the process of securing a load becomes effortless and lessens the risk of injury and damage to the trailer and load.

Simply attach one of Ancra’s cargo straps or cargo chains to the Toss ‘N Tie, toss the Toss ‘N Tie ball over the load in one smooth, easy motion, go to the other side, grab the cord and pull your tie down into place. Ancra’s Toss ‘N Tie saves time when securing a load and reduces the risk of injury and pain from throwing straps over the flatbed.

Ordering Ancra’s Toss ‘N Tie helps save time and money from costly injury, product or trailer damage, so call our customer service department today at 800.233.5138.

Ancra’s Toss ‘N Tie is just one example of the innovative new products available for the transportation industry. Whatever your needs, Ancra’s got it covered. Visit our new website at to find the perfect product for your workload.