Ancra Introduces Logist-A-Panel

By Jennifer McVey | May 2, 2017

Ancra International is proud to introduce Logist-A-Panel, the latest addition to our family of cargo restraint system products. Logist-A-Panel creates a combination captive beam decking and shoring wall system replacing the standard plywood or liner panel from a sheet and post trailer.

As the most versatile cargo management system on the market today, the Logist-A-Panel trailer wall provides a revolutionary design for custom shoring, strapping and decking solutions for loads of all sizes. Combining the strength and durability of the Lift-A-Deck II beam system with slotted panels, you get the added capacity to customize the inside of your trailer to fit your fleet’s individual needs.

In addition to being highly customizable, the Logist-A-Panel can be shipped as a retrofit kit containing preassembled logistics panels with Lift-A-Deck II track, beams and an accessories kit for quick and easy installation, saving you time, money and protecting your bottom line. In fact, a single technician can convert a 28’ trailer with 24" post to Lift-A-Deck II on 16" centers in as little as 3 hours using the retrofit kit.

The track is available in a variety of options including surface and patent pending recessed mount and all are backed by Ancra’s high standards of quality. The Logist-A-Panel is more than a new wall system, it’s a new way to work smarter and more efficient.

To order one of the most durable and versatile trailer wall systems on the market, contact our customer service department today at 800.233.5138. Available for most OEM trailers, our Logist-A-Panel is ready to be customized for any of your specific fleet needs.